Your...'NEW'... New Year's Resolution

Here's an easy way to help the environment, reduce on the job injuries, AND save money!

It's important to operate your business as efficiently as possible. We all know that, right? But sometimes, cost saving ideas aren't always obvious. Here's my example.... 

SITUATION: I was visiting with a customer and the floor by the deep fryers was very oily and slippery. I mentioned to the owner that the oil on the floor was a hazard and that someone could get seriously injured. The response was, "Oh, we'll wipe it up with some kitchen towels."    Sounds like 'problem solved'; but not really. They did wipe the floor with towels, and it appeared to be safe; however, later that night an employee did slip and fall in that same area and was sent to the ER for care.

RESULT: The restaurant manager had to take the employee to the Emergency Room. The employee was off work for 2 weeks while the injured wrist healed. Now there's also a Workers Comp Claim. Thankfully the employee didn't have any broken bones, but the accident was indeed costly; not to mention the fact that for every claim, the insurance premiums increase. You can see how the expenses quickly add up.

Presentation available on our New Pig Page

Presentation available on our New Pig Page

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Be sure to visit the New Pig  Page of our website. New Pig products are made from RECYCLED materials, will quickly absorb the mess, AND remove the slippery or sticky residue from the spill [without towels, and without a bucket and mop]. All you have to do, is cover the spill with an absorbent Spill Pad, and let the product do the rest. When the spill is absorbed, just throw the pad away. No other clean up is necessary. Sounds too easy, right? All I can say is "it works!"

MORAL OF THE STORY: Although towels are already on hand, you actually increase your laundry expenses drastically by cleaning up large spills with towels. Towels also spread the mess around, making it larger. [A slippery mess becomes a BIG, SLIPPERY MESS!] Even though this restaurant would have the expense of purchasing another product to inventory and keep on hand,  using the NEW PIG PRODUCTS would have reduced the likelihood of an accident, thus saving money.

WIN/WIN: Help the environment by using recycled products, save on laundry services, keep your employees safe, and reduce Workers Comp Claims! Not a bad choice!

So, your New Year's Resolution this year should be to find ways to improve your business while also finding ways to be safe and efficient. Let us, show you 'the way.'  Contact us

Thank you for reading my blog. I look forward to many more entries in 2014.

From all of us at CJS, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!