Seafood Idea for Lent

In a previous blog entry, I said I would post something about food next. Well, Lent is only 2 weeks away. Here's an idea you might want to try.

fried scallops image.jpg

I travel to the Carolinas quite a bit and I was surprised to see Fried Sea Scallops on many menus. Sea Scallops are delicate and lightly flavored. Why would you want to fry them, right? It's like putting ketchup on a filet!  Well, I have to say, I gave in and gave it a try.... TOTALLY DELICIOUS!

So, for Lent, why not add Fried Sea Scallops to your menu. You could pair them with a few shrimp as well which would add variety to the entree and also bring the food cost down. I would recommend a 'light batter'. Make sure you have rinsed and dried the seafood before battering, otherwise the batter will blow off while frying, and be sure not to over cook. I think you will be just as surprised as I was with the flavor. Be creative and add your own dipping sauce or flavored aioli! Who knows, Fried Scallops might become a new favorite on your menu! 

If you haven't found a fish batter that you like, just CONTACT US

Until next time!