What is Broasted Chicken?

First, let's clear up the first myth about Broasted Chicken... 

I bet you think broasted is a cooking term, right? That's false. Actually you can get the biggest Webster's Dictionary you can find and you won't find any form of the word listed. That's right. You won't find broast, broasted, broasting, etc. Bet you are surprised!

Broasted, Broasted Chicken, Broaster Foods, Broaster Chicken, and Broasterie are all registered trademarks owned by The Broaster Company of Beloit, WI. You can't use any form of the words without infringing on the registered trademarks. [Changing the "B" to "b" doesn't work either.] 
Broasted is not a cooking term or a combination of 'baked and fried', it's a  flavor; just like Pepsi or Coke. 
  Genuine Broaster Chicken 40-70% less fat than fried chicken

 Genuine Broaster Chicken 40-70% less fat than fried chicken

Myth #2 - Cooking chicken in a pressure fryer makes it  Broasted Chicken. Again, that's false. What you have is pressure fried chicken.

So what is it?  The Broaster Company manufacturers their own pressure fryers, marinades and coatings to be used on a variety of food products. So for Broasted Chicken, we marinate chicken in "our marinade"; coat it with "our specially blended coatings", and cook it under pressure in "our Broaster Pressure Fryer".  The WHOLE PROCESS makes Broasted Chicken. The chicken is very flavorful, moist and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Never greasy. Our marination provides flavor down to the bone!


In order to have Genuine Broaster Chicken, aka Broasted Chicken, you must comply with ALL of the following criteria....

(1). You must own a Broaster brand pressure fryer. 

(2). If you are using fresh chicken, you must use Broaster Chickite Marination and Broaster Slo-Bro Coating and follow our handling and cooking guidelines, OR use our Broaster Frozen 8 Piece Cut Chicken. 

(3). You must be trained by CJS Sales [or the authorized Broaster distributor in your area]. 

(4). You must have a current, signed trademark agreement on file with The Broaster Company.  This trademark agreement is provided by the authorized distributor [CJS Sales]. You sign it, we sign it, and The Broaster Company signs it. This licenses you to use the trade names as long as you comply with the program. There are NO FRANCHISE FEES OR ROYALTY FEES.


Myth #3 - All pressure fryers are Broasters. Again, this is false. Only pressure fryers manufactured by The Broaster Company can be called a Broaster.  Any other 'brand' of pressure fryer is just a pressure fryer.

Myth #4 - If I cook chicken in my Broaster Pressure Fryer, I can call it Broasted Chicken. Again, FALSE. You must comply with all of the criteria listed above.

Whether you call it Broasted Chicken or Broaster Chicken, one fact is unmistakable. It will be the best chicken you have ever eaten! 

The holidays are fast approaching. For your holiday parties, be sure to serve Broasted Chicken. Your guests will be glad you did! 

Thanks for reading!